Cyclops SecureBulb Camera

Burglars are getting bolder and sneakier than ever. And recent studies show theyre keeping an eye out for cameras. So you need to be sneaky too!

Thats where the Cyclops Bulb Cam comes in. It hides in plain sight, tucked away in any normal light socket and they will never see it!

Not to mention, its wifi-enabled camera system that puts YOU in control of your home or office security!

The Cyclops cordless cyber bulb technology allows you to install your camera into any standard light socket and instantly gain a remote, infrared, 360 view of your surroundings

Along with 2 way audio, night vision, piercing alarm tones to scare away intruders, and AutoAlert Mode that guards your property 24/7!

GUN OWNERS: Arm yourself against he said, she said scenarios with the ultimate legal protection tool: 1080P Video Evidence & Audio
***** 5.0 Stars
  • No Drilling or Cables: Cordless Plug & Play!
  • HD Clarity with 1080P Resolution
  • 360° Pan, 90° Tilt, 4X Zoom
  • AutoAlert Mode Follows and Reports Movement 24/7
  • Monitor Your Home From Your Phone in Real-Time!
  • Direct the Camera with Your Smartphone
  • Clear Crisp Infrared Night Vision
  • Also Functions as a Bright Light
  • No Installation Cost, Monitoring Fees, or Cloud Storage Fees!

    The Perfect Camera For Filming Anything & Everything

    Wide-range video capture, 1080P HD video, motion sensor filming, night vision...

    Virtually invisible around the house to keep an eye on your dogs or baby-sitter...

    Works as an outdoor security camera for daytime and nighttime...

    Easy setup plugs into ANY light socket

    No cables or mounting hardware...

    Remotely control your Cyclops Cam with your smartphone...

    Two-Way audio allows you to talk to visitors, warn intruders or even talk to your pets while you’re away!