Phoenix Tactical Penlight

We get it. You need an EDC flashlight thats craftsman quality, compact, and tougher than any job youre going to throw at it... PLUS it throws an HD powerful beam of light like a freakin' lightsaber.

That's why we developed this aircraft aluminum tactical light thats as at home clipped to a pair of slacks as it is on a tactical vest. Even better, this bad boy is IPX7-rated waterproof!

IMPORTANT: Due to Biden sending all the MIL-SPEC aluminum to the Ukraine, we had to order over 2 years worth of inventory of our customer-favorite Phoenix Tactical Lights all at the same time just to guarantee delivery.

We need to move some inventory to clear up space in our warehouse which means you get an insane discount on these best-selling tactical flashlights plus free shipping.
***** 5.0 Stars
  • It’s built to excel in grueling environments

  • Military-grade LED technology for max brightness

  • MIL SPEC aluminum construction

  • Shockproof + crushproof

  • PX7-rated waterproof

  • Deep ride pocket clip for effortless carry

  • Weighs less than 3oz

  • USB rechargeable - never needs batteries!

  • Charging cable included