Magma Fire Starter

Listen, were making a red hot deal on this fire tool today because we want YOU to have this military-issue fire tool, carried by Army Rangers for survival situations. This tough and compact fire tool is waterproof, weatherproof and doesnt require any fuel!

The Magma harnesses a classic design used by the armed forces, first responders and survivalists because it strikes the perfect balance between performance and convenience...

This classic fire starter is small and lightweight enough to ride in any backpack or range bag unnoticed so its right there when you need it... ignite those magnesium shavings to a blistering 5400F!
***** 5.0 Stars
  • Tough-as-Nails construction

  • Waterproof & weatherproof

  • Create sparks in wet or dry conditions

  • Full-length flint lasts for hundreds of fires

  • Only 1.5 ounces!

  • Perfect for bug-out bags