Outlaw Claw Knife

Make no mistake, this isnt your ordinary pocket knife.

The Outlaw Claw is a combat-ready knife used for everyday carry...

And its perhaps the deadliest knife you can use when it comes to close-quarter combat.

The wickedly sharp point penetrates easily, allowing the rest of the curve to follow through the path of the cut effortlessly.

A straight blade can only go as deep as you can force inward, whereas a karambit glides through resistance without issue.

The small hook near the handle can be used to apply pressure.

Its got a finger-ring grip so you cant drop it or be easily disarmed...

Its spring-loaded for lightning-fast open and close...

Its light-weight and discrete...

And it has a pocket clip for convenient carry.

Its the perfect carry for "just in case..."

And a great back-up weapon for close-quarter combat situations...

Overall... its a deadly, badass knife.
***** 5.0 Stars
  • Harnesses Ancient Karambit Design

  • Fast Spring-Assisted Opening

  • Razor Sharp Blade

  • Finger Ring (makes it impossible to drop)

  • 7.5 Inches In Overall Length

  • Deep Ride Pocket Clip

  • Ergonomically Designed Handle

  • Perfect EDC Defense Tool

  • Coated Rust Proof Blade

  • Fast shipping from Plano, USA!