Snake Eyes Tac Glasses

We get it. You need a pair of shades that are tougher than any job youre going to throw at them, eats UVs for breakfast, delivers HD clarity in any lighting...

AND make you look awesome too.

Thats why we developed a pair of unbreakable outdoor shades that are just as at home on the shooting range as they are on the lake.

Even better, we've even developed quick-change lenses that will help you see better behind the wheel, day or night!
***** 5.0 Stars
  • They’re built to excel in grueling environments

  • Military-grade polycarbonate lenses deliver HD clarity

  • LENS LATCH system makes switching lenses a breeze

  • MIL SPEC ballistic protection!

  • Low profile ear pieces don’t interfere with hear-pro, helmets, etc.

  • 4 lens sets included (Gray Polarized, Night Vision, Clear & HD)

  • Comes with hard case and protective sleeve!